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Breaking out? How? Why? FIX IT!

Fed up of breaking out!? Reason behind it - Fix It!

Big event around the corner? Big gatherings? Lots of cameras? Annoying breakouts?
I know the feeling! We all occasionally breakout. Some more than others. And it can have a huge effect on our self-esteem and confidence. But always remember Beauty comes from within, and you're all beautiful in your own way. Everybody has their flaws, and its our flaws that make us UNIQUE <3

So why do we breakout in specific areas on our face? Some of you may just breakout in one specific area.. And that's no coincidence.. There are reasons why we breakout in certain areas, and this post explains why and how to fix it..

Please bear in mind that these are the reasons in majority cases and just brief guidelines but may not apply for everybody. Breakouts could be caused by other factors and may be needed to be reviewed and consulted by your GP or dermatologist.


  • FOREHEAD (Digestive System) - If I ever breakout, I usually breakout on my forehead the most. Everyone used to tell me it's cause of my fringe in my face all the time, and so I tried pinning it back but still no cure.
    Breaking out on your forehead is usually an indication to dehydration, lack of water and a poor diet. Incorporate more water and fresh fruits into your diet and cut out on the sugar. 
  • BETWEEN THE EYEBROWS AND AROUND THE BROWS (Liver) - Breakouts in this area are usually due to too much alcohol consumption or too much dairy intake. 
  • EARS AND CORNER OF YOUR EYES (Kidney) - This area can also be a result of dehydration or too much caffeine intake. Cut out on the teas and coffees and pick up a nice cold bottle of water! 
  • CHEEKS (Respiratory System) - If you are a smoker, this is the time to quit! Smokers tend to breakout on the cheeks the most. If you suffer from allergies this is the main area that becomes inflamed and you may notice broken capillaries. Try to avoid junk food and fast food as well, as these are other common factors.
    Most importantly, be sure to wash your face frequently as your cheeks are the areas you tend to touch the most on your face throughout the day. This could be with your hands, or via products like your cellphone or your pillow when you sleep. Bacteria is everywhere!
  • NOSE - (Heart) - Breaking out on your nose frequently could be related to your blood pressure, so just to be on the safe side, make sure you get it checked. Cut down on the salt intake and also try to eat less red meat. 
  • CHIN (Stomach) - Noticing spots on your chin? Your chin is linked to your intestines, so breakouts could mean build up's of toxins in your body. Exercise more, eat more fruits and vegetables and get your hormones checked. Breakouts around the chin and lips could be related to your hormones. If you are stressed with work, exams, financial issues or any problems in general, stress is a huge factor too.
  • AROUND THE LIP (Hormones) - The most common place for breakouts due to hormones is around the lips and mouth area, sometimes on the chin. If you are noticing this quite often and it isn't getting better then maybe pay a visit to your doctor. Other factors could be due to eating a lot of fried and spicy food, so if that's you try to cut down, and eat more fruit and fibre. 
Hope that helped. It's just a brief summary on why you breakout in certain areas and what you can do to cure it. Like mentioned earlier, this may not be the case for everyone, as every individual works differently, as do their bodies. 

My best advise drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
Be sure to wash and cleanse your face regularly as well, and just to be on the safe side visit a doctor or dermatologist if the problem persists. 

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