Sunday, 31 August 2014

Bullying on Social Media

Now I know this post has nothing to do with fashion or beauty, but it is something I felt that needed to be addressed. It’s something I feel very strongly about. I wanted to do a video on this, and still might do so but I just wanted to express this now.

Now thankfully I haven’t experienced this as much as some people have, but I know with time as followers increase and the more you get recognised the more you will experience it as some say, or use as an excuse.

I've seen a lot of hateful comments and judgemental comments on a lot of people’s posts.
I agree these people have a lot of followers/subscribers and are out there in the public eye and should apparently be aware of the consequences however do you think that’s a sufficient enough excuse to bully someone?

I use a harsh word like bully so confidently because it is undoubtedly enough bullying.
You are playing with someone’s emotions and saying hurtful things. Just because someone has a larger following doesn't mean they don’t have feelings? Doesn't mean they are superior to you or inferior. We put ourselves out there hoping to express ourselves, sharing our talents, helping you through these talents, and in return you say nasty things.

Now, like I said I personally haven’t experienced that many spiteful comments but if I did I wouldn't be upset because of the content someone has said, but simply with the intention and notion behind it because I've personally gained the confidence to put myself out there ONLY to spread smiles and help people in small ways through the little gestures I do, be it through make-up, advice, listening to someone’s personal problems, or through a small attempt of putting a bullying campaign together just so I can spread awareness on how wrong it is.

If someone is doing something that you feel is wrong morally, culturally, or religiously then instead of shaming them or putting them down why not address it in a nice polite manner, or even so message them privately and advise them in a loving manner, and in return I am sure you will be respected and appreciated and if not then that is their loss.

I apologise for going on quite a bit but it just upsets me when I see people being so hurtful and judgemental towards certain people and they think they don’t have feelings.


Thank you

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