Thursday, 14 August 2014

Power of a Woman

Woman's day isn't the only time when a woman should be appreciated or be able to express herself.
I feel a woman is someone who has the power to do wonders, and create a change, however although times have changed, and people have gained an education, there are still certain places and certain people in the world who still feel women are inferior and don't deserve to live freely.

I agree certain rulings and morals have been enforced to protect a woman, and I am actually grateful my faith also gives a woman so much respect and protection despite people thinking it suppresses a woman.
Religion isn't what takes a woman's freedom or independence away; it is culture that has messed things up, and deprived a woman from her right since centuries ago. 

I feel a woman always has to live in fear from the men in her life.
When she's young, she has to live according to her father and/or brothers, when she gets married she has to live according to her husband, and when she is older she has to live according to her son. This isn't always the case or the situation in everyone's lives, but it seems a woman is always expected or something and having to live up to the expectations of everyone around her. 
Like I said, there is nothing wrong with anything that is for the betterment and interest of a woman to protect her, but the reason I felt to post this is to encourage that inner dreamer in all of you females to chase your dreams. Don't ever let anyone pull you down or take your dreams away, especially if you aren't doing anything wrong or exceeding your limits. Yes if something is wrong then that is a different story, but not something that is wrong based on somebody's "opinion".

For me the biggest strength for a woman is empowering one another. The strength one woman can give another can actually do wonders, so to all my ladies out there - Chase your dreams and do what makes you happy. 

Success isn't just a label or a name. Success and beauty can be attained even from you doing  a good deed or gesture for someone. Just always be the best you can be, and let a woman's inner beauty shine, and show your power. 

I love you all, and will always be here encouraging and empowering you to chase your beautiful dreams.

Leave a smile and a mark in someone's life, and together we can all make a change! 

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