Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Avoid your chances of getting a cold..

So as much as I love the fall and winter as you know, unfortunately there are some disadvantages about it too, such as catching the highly unwanted cold. 

No matter how strong we think our bodies are, sometimes it's just out of our hands, however there are many steps that can be taken to lessen the chances of getting sick. 
Bare in mind these precautions will only help in assisting to reduce the chances, and won't mean you can't get sick at all; as even scientists haven't yet found a way to never catch a cold. 

So what are these ways? Most of them are pretty obvious, and I'm sure you already know about most of the ways to avoid a cold, but how often do we take them into practice and take these precautions?

1) Scrub a dub-dub

As much as we hide and duck from people around us sneezing and coughing thinking we will catch their germs. Believe it or not we are less likely to catch germs through this method and more likely to pick up bacteria through touching things and therefore catching it from our own hands. Germs can last on certain surfaces for up to 24 hours especially when using public transport. 

Try: Carrying a hand sanitiser in your bag or pocket and use this after touching surfaces, and also avoid touching your face or mouth whilst in these situations.
Also wash your hands regularly throughout the day when you can.

2) Sleepy pie

It's been scientifically proven that those who get more hours of sleep instantly reduce the chances of getting ill, as sleep is one of the factors that helps build up your immune system. Our bodies are like machines, and it is vital for them to rest and recharge back up to face the world and the germs living within it. 

Try: Some herbal tea or green tea before going to bed, allowing it to help relax your body a little more.

3) Gargle like Gaga

Okay so ignore the heading, I couldn't think of anything exciting haha.
So as gross as it sounds, and as off putting the sound may be, it has been scientifically proven that gargling at least twice a day can reduce the chances of you catching a cold to about 30%. It hasn't been stated why this is, but it's probably because it clears out all the mucus and bacteria living at the back of your throat. 

Try: Using warm water with salt. (Believe me it tastes vile but sometimes you have to think about your health).

4) Difference between C D..

So you must have heard that Vitamin C is essential in your diet. Especially to fight off colds, and to avoid getting sick. Even when you're ill, somebody tells you to indulge in an orange and pack up on your Vitamin C. But recent research has shown that it actually doesn't do anything for you unless you have the worst diet regime EVER. According to scientists we have enough vitamin C in our bodies if we eat properly, but what our body doesn't get enough of is Vitamin D, and as there is a lack of sun during the fall and winter, it is crucial we get enough intake of it to assist in battling those nasty germs. 

5) Drink yourselves a waterfall

Yes my clever cloggs, you guessed it! It's the most crucial and important step, and not just for avoiding a cold, but for SO many things. (Read More: Benefits of drinking water)
I know the thought of 8 glasses makes you need the restroom, but believe me it will benefit you in the long run. Drinking water helps to flush out all the impurities and toxins out of your body, and in this case those GERMS! It also helps to break down the nutrients in your food thus giving you the energy that you need. 
So will you be drinking more water now? (I hope so!)

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