Monday, 2 February 2015

Quick Health Tip of the Day

Make sure you eat a snack that consists of protein between 3-4pm. 
Indulge in hard boiled eggs, a smoothie, some nuts or even a chocolate milkshake. Surprisingly chocolate milkshake is a great source of protein. Useful and tasty. 
This little trick is actually really important, and should not be missed at any cost because it boosts metabolism and balances your blood sugar. Ever heard of people saying "I have a fast metabolism that's why I'm slim" It can be annoying, but the lower you keep your sugar level, the lower you keep your insulin level, and insulin in the body makes you store fat around your belly and abdomen region.
You may have heard that people eat every 2-3 hours, and this is actually a lot healthier for your body. I personally use this technic and have smaller meals throughout the day in less quantity than to indulge in big portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and when you leave such a big duration between lunch and dinner this messes up the sugar levels.

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