Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Zara Fashion Stuff vs Le Veil Accessories

Hey gorgeous people!
Oh my, I haven't done one of these in ages..
Outfit of the day that is !! Haha..

So I got sent this beautiful clutch from Le Veil Accessories (Instagram: @Le_Veil_Accessories)
It's such a gorgeous clutch, and I've used it twice already. The packaging it came in was SO cute! All nicely wrapped. It's just so glamorous and I love how you can wear it with diverse outfits. 
I however paired it up with this beautiful abaya I purchased myself from Zara Fashion Stuff (Instagram: @ZaraFashionStuff) 

I prefer to dress modestly and cover up, and sometimes it's difficult to find dresses that cover you up. 
Sometimes? Who am I kidding!? Almost all the time!! I decided to look around at abayas as you can find such stylish and pretty ones nowadays. So I glam'd it up a little.