Friday, 28 August 2015

OUTFIT | Estilo ♥

I want to start off this post by saying a huge thank you Shop Estilo for this absolutely beautiful shirt/blouse.
I feel like they picked out one of the prettiest clothing from their amazing collection for me, as a part from being stylish; it is perfectly modest for those of you who like to cover up but look fashionable too.

The best thing about this top is that it is extremely thin, thus allowing it to be free flowing and breezy for the hot summer days or warm summer evenings. 
It is always a struggle trying to find something modest to wear but also NOT to melt and feel like you're suffocating. So for that reason this is perfect!!!

I'm also in love with monochrome shades so this shouts out chic to me.
In fact their whole range is amazing. I would love to try out more of their collection and share it with you all. 

As the website is currently under construction; you can take a look at their Instagram page @Shop_Estilo. Go show them some love guys !!

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