Thursday, 13 August 2015

My New Secret Hair Weapon

You guys know I only come here and blog about stuff that I really believe in, and products I absolutely love; solely for the reason that I can provide you with the best products.

So I get asked about my hair, and my hair care routine quite often; and questions in regards to how I get it so long. So in response to that I filmed a hair care routine video on my Youtube Channel (Can also find attached below) 

However I have recently got my hands on a brand new oil made by an absolutely lovely girl on Instagram. (@The.Closet.Fashion)

I am always cautious about beauty products I purchase from Instagram pages; however I have known the admin of this page for a while and also purchased clothing from her too so we had the trust factor going on ;)

Now, I wanted to use this product a few times before reviewing it so I could give you guys a proper analysis and a proper review. (Just for the record, this review isn't sponsored at all).

I have used this a oil a total of 4 times now, and I leave it in to soak overnight and penetrate into my scalp. After every wash I can happily say that my hair feels so much healthier and full of life. It also has an amazing bounce to it as a bonus!!
I recently came back from holiday and after 2 weeks my hair felt pretty lifeless and dry after no TLC and applying a lot of heat from styling my hair for the wedding season.
As soon as I came back; I applied this oil into my hair and left it for 2 days, and I'm on the 3rd day now, and my hair still feels absolutely amazing!!

I would seriously recommend you get your hands on this oil because it has a lot of benefical ingredients and it seriously will make a difference to your hair. I am definitely going to be stocking up!! Be quick though as she doesn't have many left.

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