Monday, 17 August 2015

Travel Vlog | America 2015

You guys have probably seen me flood pictures from my trip on my Instagram, and I'm still in the process of sharing pictures, and I also made a mini vlog for you guys. I did have a lot more footage but alongside making it short and sweet I had to respect the fact that it did include family, friends and loved ones and not everyone wanted their videos out there. Also it was a family trip, and my family wasn't too keen on me having my camera in our faces all the time - But something is better than nothing, and next time I will try to get even more footage for you all!!

So hopefully you've seen my vlog (Above) and have seen the amazing moments experienced (Alhamdullilah!) 

The main purpose of this trip was to attend my dearest cousin's wedding and alongside that just spend some time with the family (Hence the lack of vlogs, pictures and SHOPPING) :-P

I literally love my family, and love family holidays. I'm not too keen on travelling without good company and your loved ones by your side. Despite family being a major factor; I literally LOVE it out in the states. This was my 4th trip and I can definitely say I have found a country I think is better than London; and here's a brief list of the reasons why (from the top of my head!)

  • The people are so much more friendly and happier than people in London. Everyone greets each other, and has a conversation with you. - If you were to greet someone in London they would look at you all funny and think you're out to mug them!!
  • The portions and servings of food and desserts are SO much more generous - Definitely worth the money - Forget the serving size; the flavour is so much more better including ice-cream, cookies, burgers - Even their butter is better haha!
  • Spending dollars out there feels like you're using Monopoly money :-D
  • The atmosphere just seems a lot more happier.
  • People seem more laid back.
  • People are more selfless, whereas people in London are more about themselves and don't have much time for others.
Nonetheless I guess you're the one to add colours in your life, and you're the one who can make your life worthwhile.
May everyone's fate be a blessing!!

Till the next adventure guys. Big hugs x 

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  1. I visited NYC in June this year and have to say all the points you made are so true :)