Wednesday, 11 November 2015

BE HUMBLE [Fame Hunters]

Howdy beauty queens, and kings if there are any ;)

Today I bring you a post and discussion that is extremely important. Especially in today's times as everyone is putting themselves out there in the public eye (That includes me of course! Being a Blogger, Youtuber + Humanitarian means putting myself out there)


The purpose of this post is to merely remind you of your existence.
Take a quick look at this beautiful picture. What do you see?

I don't know about you guys, but I see innocence reflected in the form of equality.
When we are young we don't know the difference between race, culture, gender, rich, poor, educated, uneducated etc. So why is it as we grow up we let these statuses label us and become a cause for inequality and form differences between us?

Being famous, and acquiring fame ISN'T a bad thing, but it depends how you let it affect you!
We often see celebrities not being able to handle the fame, and going into rehab, getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc, but a factor we don't notice much is a level of arrogance.

Being a part of social media and being a public figure, I have come across many beautiful people (VERY humble, and very empowering - And I absolutely respect and adore those kinds of people), however with the good comes the bad. I have also seen MANY public figures who have completely changed and have let the fame get to them. Be professional not personal.
Now being known and appreciated is always flattering! But to let it affect you in the way that you seem to think you are above everyone and superior too others is where it gets unflattering.

There is nothing more unattractive than an arrogant person who seems to think that they are above everyone, especially their followers/supporters. Do NOT forget that public figures like us are only where we are because of the love and support we receive from the supporters!
But it isn't just about the supporters, it's about being humble with other people in the field and industry. Do NOT think because you have more followers or subscribers that you are superior. Let your experiences be a guidance for others to prosper and empower them to achieve great heights too.

From experience I have seen some public figures who promote equality and show to be a certain level of empowering but in reality are the complete opposite? I have heard bad experiences from all sorts of people, and it's NOT attractive at all.

This post isn't aimed at degrading anyone (hence not naming anyone) as I have always been raised to believe we are equal. But just a reminder that we are all equal. When we are equal in the eyes of God, and are sent down to this world to face the trials and challenges in this world to determine our outcome then how can any person say they are superior, and somebody else is inferior to them?

Every single person is special, and unique in their own way. Just because somebody may not be as famous or as well off, does not mean they are beneath you. Learn to see the positive in others and focus on their good points and see what a better place this world can become!!

Be humble! Appreciate everyone around you, and when somebody appreciates you, accept a compliment gracefully and never let it get to you, for we are all equal and equality and empowerment are the beautiful factors that make the world a better place.

Lots of love,



  1. Such a beautiful post Ezza :) You always put a smile on my face from your photos/snaps and now reading through your blogs .. alot of people let fame get to them but your a sweet girl inside and out .. and your a true inspiration :) Dont ever change :)

  2. I truly love how you send your message out to people. It's in the lovelies way, but it also makes people think, and also understand. You understand people, and I love that. It's beautiful Masha'Allah, and I pray that you get all the happiness and success through your work. What you are doing is truly splendid.

    Rabiah Amla
    Amour Vita