Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How To Stay Positive

So I'm stuck in bed not feeling too great today, so I thought the other best thing I can do is write up a blog post for you guys.
I've been meaning to write up a positivity post for a while now, and I guess now is the perfect time as I could do with some positivity myself at the moment whilst I'm sick haha.

So those of you who follow me on my Instagram: @EzzakinsOfficial or my Snapchat you will know how I have been getting grief supposedly because of how "NICE" I am. The speech marks are there with capital letters for obvious reasons.
There was a time where rude, obnoxious and spiteful people used to get the hate, again for obvious reasons, but it seems like in today's time and age you can't even be nice!?

Now my response to that is just simple. Firstly you can't please everyone, especially those who look for a fault or flaw in everything. And secondly, you can't put on an act to be nice for SO long. Your true colours and reality will come out sooner or later.

Anyway going back to the positivity!! Which is what this post is about..

I think I'm right in saying that I don't think there is one person out there who hasn't received criticism, hate, spitefulness or even bullying. It could be the smallest thing, but I'm sure it's happened. And of course it will happen, you can't get everyone to like or love you, because then the world would just be too much of a simple place.

Some people get it ten times as bad than others. I had been bullied for several years, and suffered with it verbally, emotionally, mentally and even physically, and it was mainly during my secondary school years. Let me tell you it was the toughest phase of my life BUT I didn't give up! Because every single person is a blessing in this world, and even if the time isn't right now, you will shine one day, and that unique inner beauty will come out. And I now even have my own bullying campaign where I am out to spread awareness and help other young people. 

The key factor is to REMEMBER people will have opinions, but opinions are NOT facts! 
Nobody has the right to overshadow their thoughts on you and your life.. And neither can anyone judge you or bully you based on the way that you look, because you were made perfectly by Allah, and HE doesn't make mistakes.

I want you to think about one thing you love about yourself; and hold onto that every time you are feeling low or negative; and if that doesn't help then you come along and send me a message and remember that I love you all, and see that beauty in each and every individual.

Keep being amazing guys! 

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  1. you have spread the message in such a beautiful manner. And I love that you are nice, sweet and pull of positivity because it makes you Ezza.

    Rabiah Amla
    Amour Vita