Sunday, 7 February 2016

OUTFIT | Dubai Femina Fashion

Hi dolls.
So last weekend I had the privilege of attending Dubai Fashion Week and an event at Jilbabs R Us for  #WorldHijabDay which was an absolute crazy jam packed weekend but was amazing meeting some lovely people!

As always when it comes to these events, despite my cupboard overflowing with clothes I still feel as if I never have any clothes to wear. #BloggerProblems but thanks to Dubai Femina Fashion they sent me this beautiful royal blue dress. 
I have previously ordered from them before and instantly fell in love with their quality. 

I seriously wish they were nearby to me so I could go try out all of their outfits and add them to my wardrobe. 
This is my second outfit from them, and I love how it's just the right amount of glam for any event. 
My favourite part is how flowy the material of the dress is, it seriously adds that princess feeling to your evening.

In terms of style; they cater for everyone's needs as they have simpler styles going up to full glam outfits you can wear to special occasions and events.
You will also find a wide range of colours as well, and aren't just the normal blacks and greys for modest wear. 
For those of you who prefer to dress modestly these outfits will be perfect. I seriously advice you to check them out for full quality clothing.

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  1. Masha'Allah, I honestly love your style. It's modest, gorgeous and just right. The dress looks perfect on you.

    Rabiah Amla