Monday, 7 March 2016

Travel Diary | Pakistan 2016

Hey beautiful people!

Unfortunately this trip I didn't get to vlog as I had to respect everyone around me including family and therefore was unable to film any shots, however it was then I decided that I will do a written blog for you all about my travels to Pakistan! This was my 3rd trip to Pakistan in my whole entire life, and in total I have probably spent a month and a half of my 24 years there; so really not much.

My last trip was 9 years ago, so I had very vague memories, but this trip I got to make beautiful memories, Alhamdullilah!
I didn't get to do much touristy stuff as I went to attend my cousins wedding, and therefore the trip was more about spending time with family, and indulging in wedding festivities, but it's all good because I did all that 9 years ago.

I was actually dreading my trip to Pakistan to begin with as people were preparing me for the worst. Telling me all sorts of scary stories, such as having no electricity and gas, and situations not being safe, but once I got there I realized it was pretty exaggerated. 
I mean we didn't have electricity here and there but it was at set times so gave us enough notice. 
Most importantly, it didn't effect the wedding lights on the house.

So since our main purpose was to attend my cousins wedding we didn't do much shopping either, but it's all good because the best part of the trip I miss the most is spending time with the family!!
I absolutely loved staying up till 3am in the morning just playing games and chit chatting with my cousins; all the wedding preparation and having family round the house.
I did however manage to head out to ever famous Liberty market in Lahore where I fell in love with all the beautiful colours and traditional atmosphere.
The only thing that broke my heart is the young children and the elderly begging, I literally just wanted to cuddle them, and give them every single penny and note that I had in my pocket. I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate we are. We should really count our blessings instead of complaining about the small stuff. I felt so helpless, but sadly there is so much we can do, but trust me every little helps. (Not meaning to sound like I'm sponsored by Tesco!) 

A part from that we went to a few stores in Gulberg, not to mention we went to my uncle's salon/studio where the bride to be (my cousin) got ready and pampered. I absolutely adored the place, they gave us a tour of the whole place and it was like seeing something on MTV Cribs.

So the weddings in Pakistan are more fun compared to the ones in London ONLY based on the fact that the houses are more spacious, the families are bigger, and so you can have more fun at home with all your loved ones as the interaction level is a lot higher. However in terms of organisation, and the actual functions, I most definitely enjoy weddings more in London or the States, simply because in Pakistan they have a curfew where the events have to finish by 10pm!! And also in the Punjab province you can only serve one dish at the party.

But moving on to the most important part, can we talk about how stunning my younger cousin looked!? Okay maybe I'm biased and all but she looked absolutely amazing, and I felt like such a proud older sister. I always wanted a younger sister so she was always the closest to a younger sister that I had. Due to personal reasons, I can't share pictures but I can most certainly share the bride and groom's wedding outfit with you guys. Her outfit was designed by the one and only, immensely talented Mehdi Couture. 

So 10 days went by pretty quick. Not too sure where they went. And I have to say that I enjoyed myself more than expected. And because I've always been very family orientated and extremely homely, the thing I miss the most is my family and cousins.
All in all you're going to get advantages and disadvantages wherever you go, because there isn't going to be perfection anywhere, but I have to admit it was a lot better than I expected, and honestly I can't wait to go back and see everyone and spend time with them. Do lots of shopping, hanging out and just enjoy the sounds of the horns all around the streets of Pakistan.

And before I forget, the blog post isn't complete until I've shared at least one of the outfits I wore for the wedding, so here is one of the outfits I wore which is from the Walima.

Until next time angels, love you all ! xxx


  1. amazing blog I love your outfit mashallah very beautiful and I sure miss Pakistan after you return from there. Thank you for the blog.

  2. That was such a lovely post. Just breaking what you posted I can feel that you truly did enjoy the visit. You are definitely right,the brides outfit is amazing, and you don't look any less beautiful. Masha'Allah

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