Saturday, 27 August 2016

Honeymoon | Maldives & Dubai

Hey gorgeous people...

Before beginning this blog post and going into the Honeymoon post, I just wanted to let you know I am nearly finished with typing up the long awaited "How to plan a Pakistani wedding" post which took me forever to put together but hopefully it will help you guys.

Anyway going back to this post which is all about my Honeymoon trip to the Maldives and Dubai.
As I was away, I was snap chatting a lot and sharing our adventures with you all, and I had SOO many of you messaging me on a day to day basis about the resort and hotel we stayed at, and as so many of you were asking and there were so many people to respond to I thought the best thing to do was to write up a post on the blog :)

So our first stop was in the Maldives! Now a lot of people just think Maldives is Maldives and it's perfect all around, but Maldives is made up of many different islands, and you can go wrong, and the whole trip can go wrong. During our trip, I had so many people sending me messages about whether the weather was bad, whether we had any lizards or pests in our rooms such as cockroaches due to their bad experiences. I was quite surprised at all the bad responses people actually encountered in the Maldives and that's when I realised the island and resort you stay at makes the every bit of difference to your trip.

So without blabbing on anymore, the resort we stayed at in the Maldives was Sheraton - Full Moon & Spa Resort which was more a family based resort rather than a honeymoon resort but we preferred it that way as our villa was quite secluded and private anyway, and when we went exploring on the island or went to the restaurants it was a nice pleasant environment.

As you can see the breathtaking view from our room, it was heavenly. Thankfully we had no other island opposite us, thanks to the hubsy doing his research, and we had a view of the entire Indian Ocean and had our own little private pool and sand on the side next to the hammock.

The island and resort we stayed at had the most amazing and friendly staff. The food was so delicious and we had a variety of about 6 restaurants to choose from every day however we mainly stuck to Feast which was a buffet with daily changes to the menu from cuisines all around the world.

We managed to get a lot done during our stay as well as relax from the hectic wedding week.
We went for a dolphin sunset cruise, shark feeding, walks on the beach, day in the spa etc etc.

But the best part about the trip was my surprise dinner planned by the hubsy on the beach. The staff closed off the beach just for us with lights all around under the stars. It was beyond beautiful.

Cannot thank the locals on Furanafushi Island enough for the amazing hospitality and the beautiful experience we had at the Sheraton. We have definitely made memories for the rest of our life.

Moving on to Dubai now, we wanted to stay at a hotel which was convenient for us in terms of being in a prime location where we were able to commute to places we wanted to visit. So again, we stayed at the Taj Hotel (a 5 star hotel based 5 minutes away from the Dubai Mall)
It worked out great for us as we were literally a few minutes away from the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountains and Dubai Mall. Not to mention we had a view of all this from the 25th floor of our hotel room.

Dubai was a lot different to the Maldives as it's like going from total seclusion and relaxation to the busy city life but both were amazing in their own ways.
I feel like the only thing we did in Dubai was shop, eat, shop and eat. Oh and sight seeing every single place we could in Dubai.

All in all, I would definitely recommend everyone, if you ever get a chance in your life to visit the Maldives, you should definitely try once in your life.
Do your research and homework, and don't just book anywhere!!

Love you guys.
And don't forget to keep an eye out for all the wedding posts.