Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Aviator Gold Fashion Glasses

Hey gorgeous people of the world!

I don't normally do small mini posts on my blog - However yesterday on Snapchat; I snapped wearing these glasses, and I had about 50/60 people ask me where they were from, so instead of replying to everyone individually I thought I would share the direct link on here with some alternative links so we can rock it together.

I always love to share where I got my things from; as it would defeat the purpose of being a blogger.

If you guys purchase them; and post them on social media, be sure to tag me on @EzzakinsOfficial and hashtag #EzzakinsOfficial too so that I can see how gorgeous you all look.

I love mine so much; that I am thinking to get my prescription lens put into them instead, so I can wear them more often!

Here is the direct link of my ones.. - Aviator Glasses

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