Sunday, 22 January 2017

OUTFIT | Sakeena - I Luv Designer

Hello guys!

When was the last time I did a blog post on an outfit? Can't remember? Yeah me either! 

So what bought on an outfit post today? You will soon find out yourself..


I absolutely LOVED this outfit myself. I love it so much, that I have to say it is definitely one of my favourites - I felt so glam wearing it today. 

I loved how different the cut and the style of the dress was; how the top was styled to also look like a dupatta which is why a dupatta isn't need with the outfit. I found it different to the normal typical asian outfits you normally see. The best thing about it is that it's comfy, glam and just so pretty. 

What was even better was that because of the cut and the shape of the outfit; despite having a gorgeous net material it still looks and feels so modest.

If you guys wish to purchase the outfit head over to

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