Monday, 13 February 2017

Hair Routine | Rapunzoil

Second blog post in a week!? What is going on!?? Haha!

So basically I really feel this product deserved a blog post of it's own hence why I am here typing away. // I am frequently being asked about what products I use on my hair and how I maintain it?

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I used to oil my hair twice a week, and use a hair mask once a week before I got married.. And up till about 5 months of being married I probably only applied oil to my hair twice =O
But thanks to 'Rapunz-Oil' I have been back into trying to give my hair the 'tender, love and care' it rightly deserves.

Firstly let me just start with saying how much I love the name; and how clever it is. The name within itself makes you want to try the product!! 

I recently coloured my hair, so now my hair really needs extra love. I was afraid that my hair would get damaged and go dry but thanks to Rapunz-Oil I am seriously impressed with the results. 

Rapunz-Oil is a blend of 7 natural oils infused with antioxidants, proteins, and omega 3, 6 & 9.
I use the hair treatment oil (overnight) and my hair is left so shiny after washing and drying it. 
Whilst my hair is damp I apply the leave in oil to my ends of the hair and apply a small amount to my hair everyday until I wash it again; and I feel like my hair is left extremely healthy.

The best thing about the product is that it is 'UNSCENTED' - I'm not always a fan of certain scents, especially oils as they never really smell great, but this has no scent whatsoever which makes it all that much easier and convenient to apply it. 

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