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Guide to Santorini | #EzzakinsTravels

Another post after a very long time..

I am probably the most inconsistent "blogger" to exist so I am terribly sorry! *holds head in shame*
Even this post was supposed to be out ages ago but as always life takes its toll and I am once again left writing this slightly later than expected; but nonetheless I am making sure it is done as I have lost count in regards to how many of you asked me about my Santorini trip.

Where did you stay?
Was it worth the money?
Was there Halal food available etc?

So I'm going to tackle all of those questions whilst sharing a few images too (pictures do NOT do Santorini justice) and a mini vlog of our trip will also be available on my Youtube Channel so stay tuned for that!!

Every morning breakfast view from our Room.

So let's start of with why I chose Santorini to surprise my husband with for our anniversary!?
Firstly because it is a wife's duty to also plan surprises for her husband and spoil him and treat him as well. We both wanted to visit Santorini as it was on our list of places to visit plus we wanted to go somewhere we haven't been before otherwise I am sure Dubai and Maldives would have been chosen again!
The weather in July/August is also perfect so we thought why not.

Our trip was fairly a short one but it was enough for a little break away.

So starting off with how expensive Santorini is; well let me just tell you that you will need to save up a little bit in order to stay in a nice hotel and have a good experience.
My best advice to all of you which I also did myself was to book a holiday for a shorter amount of time but upgrade your room to one with a better view and a nicer room.
The reason everything is expensive is because people who have their own businesses and companies have to pay 56% tax which makes sense to extract it from tourists haha.

Sunset from our Hotel Room

Anyway moving on to the most important part - The main reason I did this blog post for you guys was - Which hotel did you stay at?
So I booked through Kuoni who gave me a list of their recommended hotels, and I opted for Gold Suites which is based in Imervogli. (It is very high up with a view of the city of Oia and the Calderas)
To be honest what else do you need a view of when you are in Santorini!?

So the hotel was a really cute little luxurious hotel. It basically had all the elements of Santorini which are perfect for a short break away. The best part of the hotel are the rooms as the view is breathtaking and honestly pictures do not do it justice. You can book a room with a swimming pool or a heated jacuzzi to your preference too however only problem is that not all the rooms are private so you may have to ask them for a private room at a higher level so you have privacy if thats what you are looking for!

In regards to Halal food - There was only ONE halal restaurant on the island of Imervogli/Thira which was an Indian Restaurant called Jaipur Palace that only have halal chicken available on request so you'd have to phone them up beforehand just to ensure that they have it. The food was good and quite fairly priced for a touristy area. 
If you are a meat eater and want Halal food then maybe the island isn't the best place unless you are okay to have vegetarian food or seafood. 

I am personally okay with vegetarian but not a seafood fan at all - But it still worked out okay as me and hubsy always travel with lots of snacks when we travel. Our suitcases are filled with food more than clothes haha.

In regards with things to do - There is quite a bit to do as you have a city centre with shops and lots of souvenir stores. You have beaches and cathedrals to visit! We went for a cruise on a boat which served dinner, a quick swim in the Mediterranean sea, and stops at all the beautiful little islands and landmarks etc.

Overall Santorini is beautiful and a must do experience. Pictures and videos just do not do it justice. 

**** 4/5 stars from me only because of the food let down!

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