Monday, 26 May 2014

About Me

So a bit about myself...

My name is Ezza which I'm sure you gathered from the Ezzakins. 
I am a Londoner. Born and bred!
I am basically your average girl except I love pretty much everything - And I practically mean EVERYTHING! (That's pretty much what happens when you try to be an optimist, and try to spread positivity.)

I have loved fashion and beauty related things since a very young age, and have always been fascinated by it all.
I feel we ourselves are our own canvases, and we can create art, be it on our faces or through our outfits.

I have trained with Make-up artist Tamanna aka Dress Your Face, Gina Badhen and Bouba from Lebanon, but despite being certified so many times it's still more of a hobby and something that I just enjoy.

I have also been fascinated with photography for many years, and did think about pursuing it as a thing on the side started as I worked with a few brands and organisations for their clothing or fashion related things but then decided I'd rather be connecting with people, try to inspire them and make them smile by my small efforts and positivity. 

However if somebody was to ask me what it is that I do as a public figure, I would like to tell them I am a blogger/humanitarian as I have started my own bullying campaign (which you can also read about on my blog). 
For me spreading smiles, positivity, and being there for others is the most important thing. 
I feel like fashion, beauty and lifestyle also helps inspire people in other ways, but it is more of an enjoyment for me.
Every small effort pays off sooner or later, and I am all about empowering. 
I literally live for empowering other women, and I feel that we should always encourage, empower and embrace one another, as we represent one another and always set an example.

On the other hand, in terms of an educational background, it’s all poles a part. I have graduated in Psychology and Sociology and work in a private hospital. Strange I know!

When you're passionate about something, and put your mind to it, you can achieve anything, believe me!
If you have a dream guys, live your dream, make it reality. 
I believe in YOU! 

Stay tuned for updates guys!

Always love hearing from you all, and reading your sweet messages. 
Feel free to send me a card to my PO box.

Ezzakins Official
87 Broad Lane
N15 4DW
United Kingdom

Peace & Love <3 



  1. Are you married or are you currently looking for your special guy.

  2. U are the best blogger. So beautiful and humble. New follower x