Saturday, 21 June 2014

Follow your dreams =)

The title of this post says it all: Follow your dreams!

I wanted to take a break from the fashion and beauty stuff, and just write about something that is more important, and that is every individual's happiness.
Nothing really matters if you aren't happy from within or with yourself.

At a time like this a lot of you are probably revising for exams or have already began taking examinations for GCSEs, A Levels, at university or perhaps something else.
Moral of the story is, it's a hectic and stressful time. But not just for people who have educational examinations, every step of life is a test and a trial, and could be extremely stressful or chaotic. 

What truly matters and should matter the most is your happiness, because life is too short.
The purpose of this post isn't just too easily tell you to follow your dreams but it's to remind you that happiness can be found in the smallest of things, and as long as you try your hardest and know you've done your best at every step then nothing else and nobody else should matter.

I can pretty much assure you there's going to be somebody who will try to make you feel like rubbish, and try to bring you down, but that's normal. There will always be somebody in the form of an obstacle to stop you from being happy and following your dreams.

Do what makes you smile and happy. For when you are truly happy from within, only then are you able to make others around you happy, and help others dreams come true.

Come on big guy, give us a smile!

I know each one of you is special, and have something unique about you, but now you just need to realise it yourself and make something of your best trait and what makes you happy. Just because somebody else has fame, money, or a huge following doesn't necessarily mean that they are content with what they have.
Don't try to be somebody you're not.. Just because somebody likes something, or has certain likes and dislikes, doesn't mean you have to as well; you are allowed to have your own choice, and you know the best part of it.. 

So get up, and promise yourself you are going to better yourself than the previous day, because let's face it, PERFECTION does NOT exist!!! And the quicker you realise that, the happier you will probably be. Perhaps take a look outside the window when you get a chance and admire your surroundings, it will be a start to make you realise about how many miracles and blessings are really around you.

You are a fighter, a warrior, and more so a blessing to mankind!!

Love you all. Continue to be amazing and chase those dreams xxx

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