Thursday, 5 June 2014

Colour correctors explained..

Now I know a lot of you may be wondering what are colour correctors?
I used to wonder a few years ago, and think they're just the same products but just available in different colours. (Silly me!)

 Now a lot of brands like Smashbox, or Make-up Forever sell colour correctors, but what does each one do and what is the purpose of it? 
Colour correctors are actually really helpful towards any kit, and any finished look, as they can provide the perfect base without having to put on layers of make-up. 
This is one trick that could change your whole make-up look..

Let's explore why..

GREEN correctives - Green correctives are aimed for redness caused by acne or pimples. It neutralises the redness on your skin, covering any blemishes or problematic skin that you want to cover up. 
Apply lightly over the skin, and then apply foundation over.
PINK correctives - Pink correctives work great for highlighting a surface, so can brighten up an area such as the under eye area and can assist in diminishing purple coloured dark circles. 
YELLOW correctives - This can work great on people who have olive toned skin; however it works great for redness as well as diminishing purple or blue under eyes so can be great to cover dark circles. Make sure when applying anything to use a very light hand, and dab gently with your ring finger. 
LILAC correctives - Lilac tends to get rid of yellow hues and undertones in the skin. 
This could be pigmentation, or dark marks on the skin, or even just flushed skin due to the winter and cold environment where we tend to lose the colour and life in our skin.
Once you apply this onto your skin, you can go over it with your other products such as foundation. 
ORANGE correctives - Orange or peach colour correctives work the best for under eye circles as they are the opposite to blue on the colour chart wheel and cover up the darkness best. You always want to work with the opposite shade to get the best results. You can apply your concealer or foundation over this to blend in well, and to get an even more greater coverage.

Hope this helped guys. You will see amazing results when applying your make-up with these correctives. 

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