Sunday, 14 June 2015

OUTFIT | Maxi Shirt with High Waist..

Hi angels! So I am extremely happy that the sun has been shining over us in London for a change!! And I'm even more glad that it isn't too humid or hot, because I can't stand the icky sort of heat.

Anyway, moving on to what this actually blog post is about.

Since it's hot outside and we have to dress modestly, it's never an easy mix believe me!! 
But, it's fun, because you can experiment and play around and it always looks amazing no matter what anyone says..

So today I bring you this SUPER DUPER comfortable look. 
Now, this was super spontaneous!! Half of the stuff is quite old stuff so I'm not sure whether you'll find the stuff in stores now, but the whole point is about the outfit idea!!

So I have paired my khaki high waist trousers with a full sleeve black top, and threw over this maxi black shirt over it just to compliment and complete the outfit.

Top & Maxi Shirt - H&M
Shoes - Linzi
Trousers - New Look I think.. Will double check!!
Bag - DKNY

This is the perfect look for the heat, for the modesty, to allow your body to get some breeze in, and also feel like you look presentable.
The best thing about this outfit is that it can be achieved with any maxi shirt or cardigan, it basically completes the look, and when paired with the high waisted trousers, it gives an illusion that you're taller! (Which is something I definitely always need haha)

Have fun playing around with your wardrobe this summer, and see what you can put together. 

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